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Impact Guide - Contact Data Enrichment & Import Data Plus
Impact Guide - Contact Data Enrichment & Import Data Plus
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About this Guide

This guide is designed to help Crelate System Administrators understand the potential user impact of an upcoming release of Crelate. Crelate provides this guide ahead of scheduled releases to allow Crelate System Administrators time to prepare for and take advantage of new or changing system capabilities.

Each improvement includes a description of the impact and when available, administrative options available to minimize the impact on your users. As a result of your participation in the recently offered Early Adopter Programs, we want to update Admin's as it pertains to performance upgrades within those features as we head into our general launch.

About Crelate Upgrades

NEW – This is a new feature or functionality. It may need to be enabled and configured.

IMPROVED – This is a change to an existing feature.

CHANGED – This is an existing feature or behavior that has changed, and users need to be aware.

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Import Data Plus – Improved   


Import Data Tool



Applies To

All Customers

Action Required

Recruit Business or higher tiers will have the option to grant user privileges to update Company and Contact records through the new and improved Import Data Plus tool. All Recruit tiers also have the option to remove any access to the Import Data Plus tool.



Import Data Button Removal

  • With the general release of our Import Data Plus tool, customers will no longer see Import Data Plus and Import Data. Instead, as the features will be fully at parity, only the Import Data Plus button will remain.

Export Errors

  • If an import has been completed that contains errors, Crelate provides users the ability to export errored contacts. The value here is, if you proceed with an import, despite several errors, you may easily review the import to export only those contacts that have errored. As a result, you may correct the error to re-import only those records.

Insert Only vs Insert & Update

  • The field mapping screen has a new right-hand column introduced with this enhancement. This column is where a user will determine if the file is intended to be an Insert Only or an Insert And Update depending on access level. Insert only will allow users to upload new records but will not update information. Insert & Update will allow both new creation and the update of records. This can be used in scenarios in which an administrative user does not wish to allow permissions to a non-admin to update records but would like that non-admin to import spreadsheets. In that case, simply follow the permissions listed above to set users as Create via the Bulk Operations user permissions.

New user privilege settings:

  • For all Recruit tiers, there is a new Bulk Operations: Import Data setting. By default, all users with access to at least Edit core records (Companies, Contacts, Leads, Notes) will be given “Create” access to the new Import Data+ tool which allows them to see the Import Data Plus tool from the left nav menu. Users who do not have access to Edit any core records will have access set to “None” for Import Data, and will not see it in the drop-down menu.

Import File Updates:

  • Our improved Import Data tool now supports .CSV for insert and update files.

  • There is a new maximum 10-sheet limit for XLS, XLSX file types. Files with more than 10 sheets will still be accepted, but only 10 sheets are permitted per the new validation step introduced into the Import Data Plus tool. It’s important to note that you will have access to select and edit which 10 sheets to allow for your import file without having to leave the instance of Import Data Plus.

Contact Data Enrichment – IMPROVED


Contact Data Enrichment



Applies To  

Recruit Business annual plans who purchase CDE as an add on and EAP participants.

Action Required  

No Action Required


Contact Data Enrichment

Contact Data Enrichment from the Crelate web app is improved to show a before and after enrichment user experience, granting users the ability to see the inbound information, and how it is mapped before committing to the change. This new experience has been modeled after the merge record experience.

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