Burden Rate and Burden Percentage
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Crelate provides two default fields called Burden Rate Percentage and Burden Rate to our Opportunity forms. These fields will also flow to your assignments to allow for accurate revenue and gross margin reporting when used in conjunction with our timekeeping feature. Burden can be calculated as a dollar field or by percentage, and users are allowed to create custom calculations for Burden and Gross Margin.

Customers should look to add a custom calculation for their Burden Rate/Percentage. To begin, navigate to Settings | Core Records | Jobs & Opportunities. From there select the opportunity type you'd like to configure and select Customize the Main Form.

From here, we recommend customers Use a Formula to Calculate the field. Please review our Formula Calculation Guide for more details.

**Please note** you must move Burden Rate and/or Burden Percentage from your Available Fields to your Active Form to ensure this field displays on your opportunity record.

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Once complete, you'll then have the ability to review those fields within the Opportunity record.

What's Next?

Need to configure or create additional custom fields? We have you covered!

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