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Activity Date Filters - When vs Completed On
Activity Date Filters - When vs Completed On

What is the difference between When and Completed On?

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Have you ever found yourself putting together a Custom Report just to be completely stumped on what those Completed On and When filters pertain to? If so, you're in luck! This article will break down just that!

Completed On

The Completed On filter refers directly to the date the activity was physically completed. This could mean the activity was scheduled for December 3rd however, it was not actually marked as complete until the 8th. The 8th then would indicate your Completed On date.


The When will default to the date the activity was scheduled for. However, as you can see below, the When field can be adjusted and is often a best practice using reports. Why is this then considered a best practice? If an event was completed late, or even early, you may always use this field to appropriately set the date and ensure your reporting is accurate.

Thus explains the primary difference between these two fields is that you may use the when date to activities in case you completed them later than when they actually occurred. The Completed On date is an automated field that cannot be changed, while the When filter can be altered.

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