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How to Take and Share a Screenshot (Windows)
How to Take and Share a Screenshot (Windows)
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Sending a screenshot can be a great way to speed up Support chats within Crelate by helping us better understand what you want to accomplish!

There are two ways in which to take a screenshot on Windows that I will cover here!

  1. PrintScreen

    1. This is a key on your physical keyboard

    2. By pressing this button, you will take a screenshot of your entire current screen.

  2. Snipping Tool

    1. This is an app included on Windows

    2. You will want to open this App to begin

    3. Once Snipping Tool is open, select New

    4. From here, drag and drop your cursor around the area you want a screenshot

From here, you can easily attach your newly taken screenshot to your open chat with our Support Team by clicking the "Attach Image" icon in the chat or your email.

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