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Can I Search for Contacts in non US Locations?
Can I Search for Contacts in non US Locations?
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Can I search for contacts by location in non US locations?


Crelate does not have a defined way to search based on postal codes for non US locations. However, customers do have the ability to run an exact search based on foreign country or city.

The best practice is as follows. On a contact record, use the Address field to list the contact's address:

  1. List the street address (not required)

  2. List the City

  3. List the Country (this will be in the state field)

Next, navigate to Contacts and select Find.

Next, add the Address field.

Next, simply type in the City or State (or both) to return results. **Please Note** this must be an exact match in terms of spelling as you have typed out on the contact record.

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