Crelate & Checkr Integration

Learn how to connect your Checkr account to run background check directly from Crelate

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This guide will walk you through the Crelate & Checkr integration process and outline how to use the Checkr dashboard for the background check process.

For more resources on Checkr, please check out their Checkr Help Center a great resource for any questions that may not be covered in this user guide.

This guide describes how to set up Checkr to use within Crelate, such that Crelate users can initiate and view Checkr background checks from within the Crelate interface.


The following items are required to initiate Crelate / Checkr integration. Please ensure you have the following before proceeding: A Business or higher license tier, Access to Crelate (with admin rights), and the Omni Hire module.

Add Checkr to Crelate

To initiate integration, navigate to your Personal Settings | Integrations and Link your Checkr Account.

Clicking Start Background Check will open a window asking you to Sign Up or Sign In.

  • If you are already a Checkr customer, select Sign In to connect your current Checkr account to Crelate.

  • If you are not a current Checkr customer, select Sign Up to create a Checkr account, and add your billing and credentialing information

Create a Checkr account

If your company does not yet have a Checkr account, one must be created before integration with Crelate.

To create an account for use with Crelate:

  1. Click Sign Up when prompted.

  2. Enter your name and company contact information, and click Continue.

  3. Enter payment information. Invoices for background checks will come directly from Checkr, and not from Crelate. (Payment information may be edited on the Checkr dashboard after the account has been created.)

  4. Provide the requested credentialing information. This information is required by law to ensure that only legitimate companies, with legitimate business needs, can run background checks.
    Note: Select Purpose: Pre-employment to use Checkr to run background checks for hiring/employment purposes.

  5. Click Continue to submit your information to Checkr for review. Once the credentialing process is complete, Checkr will notify both Crelate and you, and you may begin ordering background checks through the Crelate platform.

  6. Credentialing typically takes 1-2 business days. If Checkr needs additional information, they will reach out to you directly by email.

Order Background Checks

Once your Crelate and Checkr accounts are connected, return to a candidate’s page, and click Order Background Check.

In the window that opens, select options for the check, and click Order Background Check.

Once the background check has been ordered, the status of the report will be listed in the Crelate candidate summary details. Once Complete, click on it to open the report in the Checkr Dashboard, and review details.

Double clicking the background check will display two tabs, both the Details & Background Check. The Background Check tab will review details and allow you to link directly to the full report on Checkr.

(For more information on reports and report statuses, see How do I interpret a background report in the Checkr Help Center.)

Most background checks will be completed within 24 hours, but the time to complete can range from a few minutes to a few weeks, depending on the type of check ordered, the geographic location of the candidate, and/or county courthouse operations.

Use the Checkr Dashboard

While the Crelate integration allows users to order background checks and view their status, the following features are available only within Checkr:

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