October 2021 Feature Release

Learn more about new product improvements for Crelate Hire users, updates to our API and new Early Adopter Programs

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Following the release of Crelate Omni™, our largest release to date, we’re excited to announce the next round of Early Adopter Programs. Admins, please check out our Impact Guide for any changes to existing Crelate functionality.

In response to your feedback from our Summer of Love campaign, we’ve been building all summer long to bring you the first iteration of your highly-requested features! We've also made some major updates to our API, including but not limited to, the ability to retrieve activities for contacts, companies and jobs. Additionally, we also snuck in a fast follow ask from our previous Early Adopter Program, adding one more reason to check out what Crelate Hire can do for your company. Learn more by reviewing our October Release Webinar.

What's New in Hire?

We heard from our customers that form requests were a natural fit to add into our onboarding checklists, and we listened! Crelate is excited to launch this new functionality, which allows you to Send Form Requests and request documents from candidates as part of the onboarding checklist process! Need a driver's license or certification as part of your onboarding? Easily request documents directly from your onboarding checklist with just a few clicks.

API Updates

Executing on several feature requests, we have made major updates to our API. Now users will have the ability to both create and retrieve emails for contacts. Additionally, we've made available the ability to retrieve contacts by date range to help customers using 3rd party integrations to more easily show updates and additions within those tools. And last, and our personal favorite, the ability to retrieve activities for contacts, companies and job opportunities! Not technical or just want to learn more? Review or share our API Update Guide with your developer!

Upcoming Early Adopter Programs

On the front-office side of house, our product team has been working on building and expanding our core Recruit platform. We’re excited to kick off three new Early Adopter Programs, and to work with volunteers to fine tune these features to meet the needs and pace of real businesses. These programs are initially invitation only, so please submit your interest via our Early Adopter Request Form for more information. In the meantime, here’s a quick look at what’s going on behind the scenes.

  1. VMS Pro (Available soon as an add-on)

    1. With the Vendor Management System Professional feature, you can sync VMS requisition details directly into your Crelate account. This includes automatic updates to the open or closed requisition. Each VMS instance in Crelate has individual configurable options to determine when to create an opportunity and to define the default owner. A VMS Record can be configured with a vetting process or can be streamlined directly to fit into your existing recruiting workflows.

  2. Contact Data Enrichment (Available soon as an add-on)

    1. Contact Data Enrichment is a feature designed to help you find those missing or out-of-date details which are important when engaging with your candidates and clients. This feature uses a minimal amount of information -- as a LinkedIn ID -- to curate more data -- like phone numbers, email addresses, current company, etc. and import it directly to your contact record. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is easy! With a click of your “Enrich” button, Crelate will do the heavy lifting and automatically update your contacts.

  3. Import Data + (BUSINESS)

    1. A much-anticipated revamp to our existing Import Data tool is just around the bend! This improvement will provide a way to not only import using a .CSV file type, but it will also let you update your company and contact records from an import file. This a big lift to bringing you improved data quality tools. In this new and snazzy UI we provide a validation preview screen which will inform you of what is going to change from your selected file before you import it. We’ll also give you an exportable summary to help you import a cleaner file.

Changelog Updates

In case you missed our most recent Changelog Entries, here are some links from our last release:

What's Next?

Did you miss our last round of Crelate Hire and Deliver updates? If so, you missed a lot! We recently added over a dozen new features just a few weeks back. Check them out! Also, for Admin users, please review our Impact Guide.

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