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A VMS Opportunity is a system generated opportunity originating from a VMS Record. The intent here is to allow you to review the VMS created opportunity prior to transitioning this into an open requisition. To avoid adding clutter or incorrect information to your database, we advise first reviewing VMS opportunities to add any additional information prior to creating a job. You can access a VMS Opportunity from any recruiting opportunity view within Crelate. You can also access a VMS Opportunity directly from a VMS Record found in the VMS Center.

VMS Opportunities are generated either automatically or they can be created manually from a VMS Record.

To create a VMS Opportunity Manually:

  • Step 1 go to the VMS Center

  • Step 2 select a Pending VMS Record from the grid view

  • Step 3 review the Job Details

    • Note you can make edits directly on screen or use the Add drop down to include additional fields.

  • Step 4 click Create Job at the top

When a VMS Opportunity is created, from the VMS Record you can navigate to the Opportunity by clicking on the Opportunity name.

What's Next?

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