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From the VMS Center you can access a VMS Record. This is essentially a copy of the requisition notification from the VMS Vendor.

  • Step 1 click on a VMS Record from the VMS Center grid view

  • Step 2 when you click open a VMS Record you will see the contents of the message issued by the VMS Vendor.

  • Step 3 on the right you will see a Job Details section where you can modify the job details, assign owners, add tags, etc. These are the details that will be transferred to the corresponding VMS Opportunity.

This example is from an organization with Automatic Job Creation disabled.

Example from a VMS Record with a VMS Opportunity Created:

Note: By default, Crelate will provide a name for your VMS Opportunity which follows the naming scheme: VMS Import | “Job Title” | VMS Vendor Requisition #

You can always change the name of the opportunity, but we’ve found it helpful to quickly see in a full opportunity grid view which ones are sourced from a VMS vendor.

What's Next?

Now that you know what a VMS Record is take a look at VMS Opportunity.

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