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Access your VMS Records and manage vetting VMS Opportunities

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The VMS Center is a tab available in Crelate with VMS Pro enabled for your account. This is an area to view VMS records, and depending on your VMS settings, this is where you can decide which records you want to create opportunities from. The grid view in this area will show you entries from the configured VMS Registrations. Note that these are not Crelate Opportunities listed in this view. You can however get to a connected Opportunity Record if one is created from the VMS Record.

Note: To pin this new tab to your side navigation panel use the All Areas globe icon, select the settings cog in the upper right, and then click on the push pin icon.

Page Layout

The VMS Center operates similarly to any other grid view found in Crelate. You can customize your grid view or create new views. Likewise, you can use the Find tool to look for VMS record specific data.

Across the top of this grid view there are quick tiles to help you quickly locate time sensitive VMS Records.

Quick Filters:

The quick filter titles on the left help you quickly locate VMS Records which have been created within the last 24 hours, 7 days, or past 30 days.

The quick filter tiles on the right help you quickly locate VMS Records by status. Note these filters operate based on the VMS Record status, not the VMS Opportunity status – there’s an important distinction. A VMS Record by itself is not an Opportunity Record in Crelate. A VMS Record is a copy of what the VMS Vendor will issue when a new requisition becomes available. If you have Create Job Automatically set to No, this is the record which you can manually create a VMS Opportunity from.

Pending: The pending status refers to VMS records which have not had jobs created. If you do not have automatic job creation enabled for your VMS Registration this will be the status indicator that you have a VMS record ready to be vetted and you can manually create a VMS Job.

Processed: These are VMS Records which have been successfully created and which have also had Crelate Opportunities created from them. These effectively should show you a list of VMS Records which are open requisitions.

Failed: There are different criteria which may trigger a failed status for your VMS Record. Each error message displayed will provide a reason why the record has failed and when possible, will provide next steps.

What's Next?

Now that you can navigate the VMS Center take a look at VMS Record.

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