Getting started with VMS Pro

Configure your VMS Registration

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VMS Pro can be purchased by contacting Crelate Customer Service through the Help button inside your Crelate instance.

Once a VMS Pro is enabled for your account you will have access to a VMS Settings option in your account settings. Note you will need administrative access to view these settings.

To Create a new VMS Registration, follow these steps:

  • Step 1 Use the Plus Sign to create a new VMS Registration

  • Step 2 Use the Name field to help your organization identify which VMS client is associated with the specific VMS registration.

  • Step 3 Inbound Email Address. This is the email address Crelate will generate for you. This email address is one of the keys to connecting your Crelate account with a client’s VMS. You can use this to either forward VMS emails from a personal or shared inbox into your Crelate account, or if the VMS vendor supports it you can create a new user with this email address in that service to send directly to Crelate.

    • Note: The refresh icon should only be used if there is a need to reset your VMS connection. Hitting this option will generate a new email address.

    • Note: You can use the copy icon to quickly copy the VMS Registration email address.

  • Step 4 by default, a VMS Registration Status will be active when it is created. To disable a VMS registration, change the status to Inactive (this will remove any connection to the VMS system) but will not remove any data already in your crelate system.

  • Step 5 VMS Source. This field cannot be changed once a registration is created. VMS Source is one of the required fields necessary to connect to your client’s VMS vendor account. Each VMS vendor has a unique data format, this is the setting that informs Crelate which format to use to then create your records in Crelate.

  • Step 6 Default Owners. You can use this field to designate who will own the Crelate VMS Opportunity when it is created from the VMS record.

  • Step 7 Create Job Automatically. You can use this field to determine if you want to have VMS Opportunities automatically created from VMS Records. This means, as soon as Crelate can recognize and process an inbound VMS record it will then automatically create a new opportunity. When set to no, you may use the VMS Center to manually select VMS records to turn into VMS Opportunities.

  • Step 8 Save.

What's Next?

Now that you have your VMS Registrations created, go to the VMS Center to see where VMS Records will populate in Crelate.

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