VMS Professional - Master Guide

Vendor Management System Professional- Overview and getting started outline.

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What is VMS Pro?

Vendor Management Professional (VMS Pro) is a add on subscription currently in BETA which enables Crelate Recruit customers to configure their organizations to automatically sync with inbound VMS records from supported vendors. This feature allows a VMS record to populate and update in Crelate. Additionally, VMS Pro has configuration options for creating an associated opportunity type to that VMS record which fits into your existing workflows. VMS requires a “Registration” with Crelate which can be applied to a single instance of a VMS, so if you have multiple customers using the same VMS you would need a VMS registration per each connection.

Crelate VMS Pro supports the following VMS vendors formats:

  • Fieldglass

  • Beeline

  • Wand

  • iCIMS

Note If you have additional VMS vendors which are not currently supported you may submit a feature request through https://feedback.crelate.com/ or contact support.

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