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Interviewer's Experience - Employee Center
Interviewer's Experience - Employee Center

Everything you need to know about the interviewer's experience in Crelate.

Written by Sarah Koss
Updated over a week ago

Interview Management provides the ability to set up reusable interview form questions, interview loops, and scorecards. Most crucially, this offers a way for interviewer(s) to be prepared with the scorecard questions they are assigned to ask in an interviewer, and a means to provide their feedback from an interview.

Interviewers that are scheduled for an interview within an interview loop will receive a calendar invite with a link to the Employee Center. Interviewers can see a list of upcoming interviews via the Employee Center.

When double clicking into the interview interview details, scorecards, and any documentation attached to the interview will display.

Note that there is the ability to save your notes in case interviewers want to come back to polish their feedback from rough notes they may be taking during the time of the interview. Once an interviewer Submits Scorecard, they cannot come back to make edits.

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