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All you need to know about setting up scorecards and scorecard templates.

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Scorecards give recruiters the ability to assign a set of questions from the existing Form Questions and/or create new ones for interviewers to use during the interview. Scorecards provide the ability to compare multiple candidates for a job side by side based on the 1-5 ratings for each question category along with feedback from interviewers. The intent is too allow for a clear, visual and fair assessment to drive quicker hiring decisions. Scorecards can be templatized so that recruiters can easily assign them to interviewers as they schedule the individual interviews within a full interview loop, decreasing the manual steps in this process.

This article will highlight both creating and assigning scorecards. Once a scorecard has been created, it will need to be assigned to a job opportunity for use.

Setting up a scorecard template

  1. Navigate to Settings | Hire | Scorecards and select the plus sign. From here, you can create, modify, or delete scorecard templates.

  2. First, add a Form Name, assign a Color and consider if you wish to add a Prefix Name.

  3. Next, add a Section. Sections are used to group similar questions. After adding a question, several additional options will display. Help Text can give context to your interviewers if you have specific insight for a particular question while Categories can allow easy grouping of questions. Question Tags can be exceptionally useful if you're later looking to recreate a similar Interview Template. Field Mappings allow answers to that question to automatically map to a field on a contact record.

  4. If you'd like to reuse a question, select Add Existing Questions. Note that you can only enter/update details for new questions. You cannot edit Question Details for existing questions from here. You must go back to the Form Questions list to make any changes to existing questions where they are managed.

Assigning a scorecard

  1. You can assign a scorecard anywhere that has a Scorecard lookup. One way is from Settings > Hire: Interview Loops. Double click on an existing Interview Loop. Select an interview from that loop. Use lookup to select from existing Scorecard.

  2. You also have the option to assign (or change) a scorecard at the point of scheduling the individual interviews within a loop the same way by using the Scorecard lookup.

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