From a Candidate Record, select the Hire tab where you can see

  1. A progress bar for checklist completion.

  2. Activity/ies from onboarding items.

  3. All checklist items. Click on one to take action on it.

    Select one of the checklist items (in 3) to open an action pane for editing and updating.

From the left navigation menu, select Home, then Onboarding:

  1. See all onboarding items for all candidates in this view. (Use available quick filters/sorting to customize your view.)

  2. Select the checklist item (a row in this table) you want to edit/update.

  3. Make edit(s)/update(s) as needed for this contact's checklist item (e.g. set due date, assign an owner, marking it complete, and etcetera) in the right panel.

What's Next?

Learn more about Onboarding in Crelate Hire:

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