Invoicing Center
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The Invoicing Center is where users go to create and send invoices. The first step to invoice is to have billable items. To read more about billable items, read here

Once you have billable items, you can claim those on an invoice to be billed. To do this, first navigate to the Invoicing Center. You will see a number of quick filter tiles that will help you navigate this process.

On the right side, you have quick filter tiles that show an invoice payment status:

  • Draft- These are draft invoices that have not been sent. You can make edits to invoices that are in draft phase and add and remove items from them as much as needed.

  • Unpaid- These are invoices that have been sent, but have not received payments on them. Note- you must utilize Crelate's payment feature in order to record payments on invoices in Crelate. You would do this in addition to recording payments in your accounting system

  • Partially Paid- This means that the invoice has been partially paid, but there is still a remaining balance on it

  • Paid in Full- this means that the invoice has been paid in full

  • Overpaid- This means that the invoice has more money paid to it, than the amount of the invoice

  • Voided- this means that the invoice has been voided. You cannot make any changes to a voided invoice

  • Written off- This means that a balance (could be remaining or full balance) has been written off. This will hit a different account on your general ledger to account for these items.

On the left side you have quick filter tiles that show invoice error/due status

  • Has Error- This means that the invoice has a system error that needs attention. These should be rare

  • Past Due- This means that the invoice payment is past due and needs attention

  • Due Soon- This means the invoice is coming up on its due date (within 7 days)

Like all grids within Crelate, you can select a row and the information will slide in from the right and take action as necessary

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