Artifact Verification
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Any Artifact that is configured to require a verification process will have the options “Verify” and “Revoke.” These options can be selected from an Artifact edit screen by Users with the correct privileges. The ability to Verify and Revoke is configured by User Privilege and is not enabled by default.

There are three primary verification statuses:

  • Pending Verification: An Artifact that requires additional validation or verification inside or outside of Crelate to maintain best practice compliance standards. This document is in a pending status that needs further action.

  • Verified: An Artifact which has completed your company’s defined validation process either inside or outside of Crelate.

  • Revoked: An Artifact which has been rejected and is not considered valid per your company’s defined best practice compliance standards.

Important notes:

  • An artifact that is pending verification can be edited by any user with the correct privilege.

  • An artifact that is verified cannot be edited by any user.

  • An artifact that is revoked cannot be edited by any user.

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