Create an Artifact from a Checklist
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Available with Crelate Hire

To Create an artifact from a checklist, the checklist must be configured to support creating the attachment type. You can enable this feature by going to Settings > Onboarding > Checklist Templates and selecting an existing template or creating a new one. From the Checklist Template Editor select your checklist item that corresponds to the artifact you want to enable. In the Details section under Action select Create Attachment and then select the specific Artifact Type you want created.

Once a checklist is configured to support artifact creation and the checklist is set up for a contact, you can locate your checklist from the Onboarding tab, or from a contact record’s recruit tab.

From the Onboarding tab select a checklist from the View All Checklist grid to open the Checklist panel.

In the Checklist panel locate the item to create the Artifact, and click to open the Checklist item panel.

In the Checklist item panel click on the Create [Artifact Type]. This will display the Create Artifact entry screen where you can fill in any details and/or upload an attachment.

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