The timekeeping center is a place for the internal Time Keeper to go to manage time and expense to prepare them for payroll and invoicing.

There are 3 views in the Time Keeping Center

  • Master Time keeping View- This shows time and expense together in a time sheet format. Here you can get a holistic view of both time and expense information in one place, by person, by pay period. You must reject or approve together in this view

  • Time Cards- This view shows only time card information for an employee

  • Expenses- This view shows only expense information for an employee


The time and expense views have quick filter tiles to help navigate through items quickly and easily. Use these to filter down information in your grid to take action on them.

  • Draft- This will show you all time and expenses that have information entered into them, but have not been submitted yet. Use this as an opportunity to view if employes are on track or entering time daily. As an internal time keeper, you cannot take action on time cards and expenses in draft status, as they have not be submitted by the employee yet

  • Submitted- This means that the employee has submitted their time and expense for review. From here, you can approve, reject, or finalize the time/expense as needed

  • Rejected- This will show you all time and expense that has been rejected. Once an item has been rejected, it gets routed back to the submitting employee for edits if necessary.

  • Finalized- This will show you all time and expense that has been finalized. Once finalized time and expense can not be edited and will have generated payable and billable items.

If you select a row in any of the 3 views, it will slide in a screen with more information about that time or expense card. Use this to view more in depth information and take actions as necessary.

To learn how to finalize time and expense to create billable and payable items, click here: Finalizing Time Cards.

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