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How to Use Onboarding Templates
How to Use Onboarding Templates

Learn how to create onboarding templates to meet your business needs.

Written by Sarah Koss
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An Onboarding Template is a way to set up Onboarding Checklists for your candidates. You must have at least one template defined in order to create checklists for candidates. The maximum number of templates you can have depends on your license level. Templates are very flexible so you can define them the way that works for your onboarding process.

To create a Template, choose Settings from the left-hand navigator and select Checklist Templates under Onboarding:

This will open the Checklist Templates panel:

  1. Click "+" to create a new template.

  2. Double-click a template name to edit.

Both choices above will open a Checklist Template Editor:

In the Template Editor, click Add Group to define the checklist items included in the template. (Any checklist created using this template will always start with the items you create here.) When you click add group, a new Checklist Item will be created. You may choose what type of Item this is from several choices under the Action menu on the Details pane when you have the Item selected, like so:

Checklist item actions may be one of several types:

  • Manual (the default), in which you enter in text to describe any action desired

  • An Activity, including Tasks, Interviews, and Screens, plus any user-defined Activities

  • Create an Attachment

Each item defined in the template can have a Title, Instructions, and can be set to be required. If you know if advance who the Owner of the item will be each time the checklist is used, you can set that in the template, too. (You can also leave it blank to be defined each time a checklist is created for a Candidate.) In addition, each item can have a Due Date which you set when the checklist is created, not here in the Template.

When you create an Attachment action, it can be for any regular document such as a resume; or it can be an Artifact. Learn more about Artifacts and Artifact Verification.

You may add multiple Checklist Items to a Group in the template, and you can add multiple Groups. This is useful when you want to a group of pre-boarding items and a separate group of onboarding items in the same template:

Once you click Save, the template will be available for creating a checklist for candidates. You can also click Save a Copy, which will create a duplicate template pre-defined with exactly the same items, which you can then edit further. This can save time when you are creating a number of very similar templates.

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