Creating eSignature Templates

How to create a template for eSignatures

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Create templates for single documents or packages of documents that you need to get signed often. These templates are easy to create and can be updated to meet your ever-changing process.

To create an eSignature template, navigate to Settings | eSignature Templates

Build out templates for the most commonly requested forms so when you are ready, you can choose a template and send away!

Here you can add your document(s), a title for the template, a description, roles who need to sign, enforcing signing order, who you want to cc, and if you'd like, a message to the signees. To create a package of documents requiring a signature, you can simply select or drag multiple documents at a time.

After you have selected your template information, you will then be able to pre-put in where the signatures and dates will go. If you have chosen to create a package of documents, you can scroll down to add signatures and dates to each document.

To send an eSignature request using a template, navigate to a contact record and select create eSignature request.

You will then see the esig templates you created available for selection.

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What's Next?

With your e-sig templates created, now you can quickly request signatures at the click of a button!

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