Creating eSignature Requests

How to create eSignature requests

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Crelate's eSignature request feature enables you to send forms for signatures directly within our app. Whether sending a quick 1-time document or using a preset template you can easily generate an eSignature request directly from a contact record.

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Sending an eSignature Request

To send an eSignature request, navigate to a contact record and select Create eSignature Request.

You will have the option to choose from sending a one time document, or to use a premade eSignature template.

When creating a one-time eSignature request, you will fill out the following page where you can enter in the following:

  1. Subject/Document Title: Give a title to the request

  2. Attach documents

  3. Who needs to sign? Add signers (email address and name)

  4. Enforce signing order: set the order in which you'd like people to sign

  5. CC: Add a CC

  6. Message Body: Add message

Enforced Signing Order

You may enforce a signing order where the document may only be signed by contacts in a particular order. To set the order of signers, click and drag the contacts. Once the eSignature requests is sent, all signers will receive an email notification that an eSignature request is on it's way. Once each signer has signed in the designated order, the next signer will receive a new email with the document to be signed.

Esignature Drag

Adding Signatures

Once done, you may then configure your document by adding boxes for:

  1. Signature

  2. Initials

  3. Date Signed

  4. Name

To add your desired fields to your document, simply drag and drop any of the options:

Adding Additional Options

You have additional options of adding:

  1. Textboxes

  2. Checkboxes

  3. Dropdown Menus

  4. Radio Groups


For textboxes, you may assign, name, add placeholder text (text until the assignee edits the text inside the textbox), set validation (text type i.e., numbers, letters, phone number, etc) and create a rule. To add text inside, simply drag and drop a textbox onto your document and double-click inside to begin typing.

Dropdown Menus

You may add in a dropdown menu with options for the assignee to select.

Radio Groups

Radio groups are presented as a set of related options. Only one radio button in a group can be selected at the same time.

Creating Rules

You can create rules to SHOW or HIDE added fields on a document.

eSignature Request Sent

Once finished creating your document(s), hit continue and your e-sig request will be sent. You can then view the document sent, as well as view the status of each signer.

Signers will receive an email asking them to sign:

Once Review & Sign is selected, the document will open in a HelloSign window where the signer will be directed to sign all assigned boxes.

Tracking Your eSignature Request

Once sent, you can see updates to your eSig request from the respective contact record. Navigate to the Documents tile and select Edit.

Note: You cannot delete an eSignature request when its current status is ‘out for signature.’ If you have made a mistake, please cancel your eSignature request, and then you can delete it. You are able to delete eSignature documents once they have been signed.

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