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Sending An Email Campaign Beyond Your Limits
Sending An Email Campaign Beyond Your Limits
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Crelate's Email Campaign feature allows you to send based on your purchased email campaign plan. Each package has a limit for how many emails can be sent per campaign and per day:

What does this mean?

For example, if your email campaign plan is currently L1, you are allowed to send to 400 recipients per campaign and 800 emails a day. You are not able to directly select MORE than your per-campaign allotted limit. This means that you may highlight 400 recipients at once (i.e., from a list) and send a campaign. To send the rest of your 800 email campaign allowance, you would need to highlight the next 400 recipients and send another campaign.

You can view your current daily limit as well as how many emails you have sent by hovering over the info icon within email campaigns:

What happens if I want to send beyond my email campaign per day limit?

All emails beyond your daily limit will queue and then send at the next available period. For more information, see our guide below on when queued emails campaigns send.

Can I increase my daily limit?

There are four email campaign plans. Our higher email campaign tiers increase both campaigns per day/per batch as well as per month totals. For more information, check out our guide below on how to purchase email campaigns.


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