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What is an Email Campaign Sender Address?
What is an Email Campaign Sender Address?
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What is an Email Campaign Sender Address?


A Campaign Sender Address is required in order for an organization to send email campaigns. Ultimately this address is set to determine which users may send on behalf of which email address. Typically, this is set up on a user by user basis to allow users to send from their own email addresses when sending a campaign.

Additionally, you have the option to allow for multiple users to send a campaign on behalf of the same email address. If you have an email (for example: that you'd like to give multiple users to send an email address on behalf of, you may add that via the screen shot below. Please note: This does need to be a valid email address in order to send an email.

Once established, you may select which users or which user roles, have permission to send on behalf of that address.

To select alternate addresses, simply select your address in the 'from' line to see available options.

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