This article will discuss the setup and best practices when using Crelate's Pass Reasons feature.

Enabling Pass Reasons

Within Crelate, you can see the option to select a pass reason on any stage that has been set to the type Done, negative outcome with the selected option to Prompt user for activity notes and details (see below).

Once a contact is then moved to a stage with the above criteria, you will be met with the following message.

Viewing Pass Reasons

Once selected, you may view this information in the following places:

  1. Candidate's Record

  2. Job/Opportunity Record

Reporting on Pass Reasons

You might want to report on pass reasons or just be able to view each documented pass reason. For that, we should take a look at the following questions:

  • Why were 'pass reasons' built?

  • How can customer use it now?

  • What do they probably want to do instead?

Why were 'pass reasons' built?

Pass reasons were built to be an exclusive part of EEOC. The thought process was, as much of EEO is anonymous, pass reasons would be reportable with some anonymity within EEOC reports. Essentially this would give the ability to show data of candidates (race, age, etc) and why they might have been passed on. This is all in the hopes of removing the bias from the hiring process and to give recruiters data to be able to take back to their clients!

How can customers use it now?

Aside from using in EEOC reporting as listed above, customers can use it for non-EEOC purposes for note taking and review. For all recruiting workflow stages that are set as "done, negative outcome" and DO NOT have any other activity affiliated with that stage (see the very first screen shot above), the option to choose a pass reason option will be prompted when a candidate is moved to this stage. This ultimately allows you to log the pass reason of the candidate and, when reviewing a profile, have that as a quick review when looking through a profile's activity feed!

What if I want to report on 'pass reasons'?

At present, there is not a direct option to create a report based on pass reasons.

However, customers who are looking to report are likely wanting to achieve one of two, or both, things.

Option 1: I have 3 workflow stages (for example: Candidate Passed, Client Passed, My Team Passed, other, etc.) and 3 corresponding activities.

You can then simply report on the pass activities created. Pro Tip: Add in a note in the notes box to pull in a column on your pass activity report!

Option 2: I use a custom picklist and have one passed stage and one passed activity. When my recruiter's move someone to pass, they select a reason from a picklist set. That picklist set must then use field mappings to map to that contact record.

Create a Pass Reasons Picklist

First, create a custom picklist for pass reasons, as the pass reasons picklist cannot be chosen as a picklist for a custom form.

Create a Custom Field for Contact Records

Create a custom field for contact records, for example "pass reason" that you will be able to map to from your activity form.

Create a Pass Activity Form

Create a form for your pass activity and pull in your custom picklist for pass reasons.

Then set the field mapping for the question with pass reasons.

Create a Pass Activity

Create one pass activity and set the default activity form. Mark as completed activity form is required.

Set Workflow Stage Activity

Set your single pass workflow stage to create the pass activity. Mark prompt user for activity notes and details.

Begin Logging Pass Reasons!

Move candidates, log pass reasons in the pass activity form by selecting from the picklist option.

The best place to pull this information is within search! Use the activity form response filter.

Or the custom field filter!

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