Email journaling will automatically track and log emails back and forth from your email client onto your contact records in Crelate. As long as an email is listed in Crelate you can send emails from your email provider and have that log in Crelate.

**Please Note** For assistance in the setup of email journaling beyond the instructions listed below, please connect with your provider directly. Crelate does not directly assist in the setup of email journaling and relies on the experts at each given vendor.

To enable email journaling, via Office 365, please view the instructions below:

Note: To enabled email journaling, you must be both an admin within Office 365 as well as in Crelate

1. To start navigate to the 9 dot menu and select Admin

2. Next, select the Admin dropdown and choose Advanced.

3. Sign in to your Exchange account.

4. You'll next need to add a Mail Contact

5. The mail contact can follow the below formatting. For external email address, please use:

6. Next, navigate to Journaling Rules to add that mailbox.

7. Select the recently created mailbox and then save.

8. Once completed, select the plus sign to begin creating your rule. Please then return to Crelate as you will need to cut and paste information from Crelate into this section.

9. Copy the text show below

10. Once copied, return to paste in the Send Journal Reports To section as you'll see in the first line below. Under the If the message is sent to or received from section, you'll want to select an individual user.

Please note: Each user will need to be added individually if you'd like to have their email messages journal.

11. After the user is selected, select the drop down for External Messages Only.

12. Final Step! Once completed for yourself and/or your team, please ensure the boxes are CHECKED. An unchecked box (as shown below) will result in email messages not journaling. This should be checked by default but it is always worth a double check!

What's Next?

Not an Office 365 User? Head to the link here to learn more about setup and options for G Suite.

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