There may be a situation when you are working with a company or a contact and while keeping them in your database, you no longer wish to contact or easily find them. Enter Do Not Use. This is allows the ability to indicate a status that will avoid this company or contact from displaying when querying your database.

Enabling Do Not Use

To start, navigate to Settings | Core Records and then select Contacts or Companies based upon which you'd like to edit. You'll then notice a Meaning drop down in which you can indicate Do Not Use. Create your status (or use an existing) and alter that status to Do Not Use.

Using Do Not Use

Navigating to a contact or company record, on the left-hand side, set the record's status using the drop-down.

Once selected, a dialogue will display asking to change the record's status along with a Status Reason.

Once completed the record header will match the color set in settings.

Hovering over the red icon, in the left corner of the record, your Status Reason will display to provide additional context.

What's Next?

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