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Placement Statuses

How to quickly view all Placements you've made by their statuses and how to configure these statuses.

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Crelate now offers the ability to easily view a dashboard of all your placements by their statuses via our Placement area.

To access, navigate to All Areas and select Placements.

Here you can sort the placements by any of the columns listed or by choosing one of the quick filter tiles to view all placements that fall under that status, as shown below:

You have the ability to print or export your placements, from this view, by clicking on the printer or export icons in the upper right hand corner of the screen, as shown below:

To configure your Placement Statuses an admin for your account will need to navigate to Placements under Core Records within your main settings section in Crelate, as shown below:

Once you click on 'Configure Statuses' you will have the ability to add new statuses by clicking on the plus sign or you can also choose a status to remove and then click the minus sign, as shown below:

Pro Tip: To change the order in which the statuses show up you can use the up and down arrow icons.

What's Next?

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