Why Advanced Security?
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Advanced security is a strong value add in protecting your account's data. With Crelate's Busines subscription, you will have the ability to enforce a 2 Factor Authentication for users, review an audit log of actions taken in your Crelate, as well as configure user role capabilities and restrictions!

User roles is incredibly valuable as it enables you to configure which types of users can do what- ultimately adding more protection to your data. An example of configuring user roles might be you want all Senior Recruiters to be able to create, edit, and delete contact records while Recruiters may only create and edit. You can set each user role with Crelate Business subscription!

Crelate Business subscription also provides you with an audit log, where you gain more visibility over your account by viewing which users created, updated, or deleted records or events within your system.

Senior Recruiter user role capabilities:

Recruiter user role capabilities:

Audit Log:

Audit Log filtering capabilities:

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