October 2020 Feature Release Notes
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About this Guide

This guide is designed to help Crelate Talent subscribers understand the potential user impact of a release. The below features have not yet been released but is intended to prepare customers for upcoming product improvements. The guide is a shortened version of our What’s New documentation and provides additional insights that Crelate System Administrators should be aware of.

About Crelate Upgrades

All upgrades to Crelate are automatic, benefit all users and typically require no user action. We know change can be disruptive and we work hard to ensure System Administrators have the flexibility to control when new features are available to their users. To minimize potential business impact, new features of Crelate are often off by default for existing customers and other features may be turned off if a customer chooses to do so. Occasionally, we make changes the behavior or look and feel of a feature. System administrators should review this guide to understand their options, any potential impacts to their users and any actions they may have to take to either take advantage of new functionality; or hide new functionality depending on their organization’s needs.


NEW – This is a new feature or functionality. It may need to be enabled and configured.

IMPROVED – This is a change to an existing feature.

CHANGED – This is an existing feature or behavior that has changed, and users need to be aware.

Please Note: If you'd like to review a quick 2 minute video on some of the highlights of the release, please scroll to the bottom of this guide.

Changes in the October 2020 Release

There are several changes that you will see when you open Crelate after our October Release (currently scheduled for release at the end of the month). We have made significant updates to our UX which include an updated left navigation bar, new tabs and tiles for navigation purposes, and trays on the upper right of the App! Other notable changes listed below:

  • Improved- UX:
    - Left Navigation- ability to edit, minimize, and hover over
    - Tabs, Tray Tiles, Headers

  • Improved- Documents Side Pane with new Filter control

  • New- Placements Management Grid - BETA

  • New- Contact Statuses

  • New- Placement Status Count

  • New- Related Companies Feature - BETA


Crelate App UX

Impact: Optional Actions Available - All Users

We have made updates to several items that have to do with the way you navigate around our application. We made these updates to continue to support future features being built and improve discoverability across our app. These improvements are explained below:

NEW - Tabs and Sub Tabs:

We have added tabs and sub tabs to increase discoverability within the module that you are working in. We have moved several items that were originally tiles in the header, down under the tab that it belongs in. ex. Timeline is now in the recruiting summary tab. By doing this, it allows us to keep items omni present that will be useful for all types of users within crelate.

Tabs allow us to provide more room to core records. As a result, the following areas have been moved from Toggle Tiles to tabs.

CHANGED - Timeline:

The timeline was moved to the summary tab on the contact record so that recruiters could view the timeline along with all other relevant recruiter information in the same place.

Old Timeline:

New Timeline:

NEW - Trays:

Items that we think should be always available in 1 click, now live as Trays. You will find the tray tiles in the top right of the app. These are replacing the tiles that were previously in the header. The trays will change depending on the core record you are on and there will be 3: Documents, Primary Document for that record type, and Portals.

New Experience

Old Experience

IMPROVED - Left Navigation:

Note: This is optional

We have made several updates to our Left Navigation pane that we think users will love. First, we added an all services icon at the bottom of the pane that will give you the ability to edit and rearrange what shows up on your left nav pane. We have also moved settings to the bottom so no matter how you arrange your top icons, settings will always be in a constant place. We have also nested sub items on the left nav. Ex. When you select home, you can jump straight to Recruiting or Sales.

New Left Nav

Old Left Nav

IMPROVED - Record Headers:

The headers of all core records (Contacts, Opportunities, and Companies) have been updated with a new font and some new data elements. Some data element updates include record type moving to the header, social buttons moving to the top menu bar among others!

Contact Record:

Opportunity Record:

IMPROVED - Responsive web pages – left nav and tiles:

We have improved how our application responds to different screens sizes and types. With this improvement, the user experience of the app is smarter by rearranging or minimizing items to be easier to read and navigate through when working on a small or large screen.


Core Records

Impact: Optional Actions Available - All Users

NEW / IMPROVED Status Picker:

We have added the ability to create and add statuses to Contacts and improved the ability to have additional statuses for Companies. Admins can create statuses with underlying meanings and be able to search on them creating an easier way to segment data within Crelate. While users can create any Statuses they like, there will be 3 underlying status meanings:

  • Active – This record is active in the system and available to work with

  • Inactive – You can use the inactive status to indicate that a record is old or irrelevant to current business needs. There is no functionality tied to this status today, but there will be in future releases.

  • Do Not Use – You should proceed with caution before contacting a record that is marked as Do not use. There are options to exclude these ‘Do not use’ record types from searches
    -Unlike Blocked, Do Not Use allows you to keep all history and still have contact with the record if needed.

NEW - Status Bubble:

We have added a status bubble next to the profile picture to show users at quick glance if the record status is active (green) inactive (grey) or Do Not Use (red) If you hover over the bubble, it will also show you the reason that was documented during the status change (if there was one recorded.) Ex. If you made the contact Do Not Use with a reason of ‘Unreliable Attendance’ that will show up like this:

IMPROVED - Mini Form:

We have made some updates to our mini form that is present on all core records. The text is now in 2 rows, left aligned, and there are slight tweaks to font sizes and the favorites star. It is easier to read, better for lower resolution screens, more provides consistency in viewing the data.

New Record Details

Old Record Details

Related companies have been put in place to show a relationship between parent and children records. This will allow you the flexibility to highlight department, branch, or child company relationships. You can easily navigate to child records through a tree view, and see all children of a parent record in one place.

NEW - Placement Grid BETA:

We have added a Placements grid view to surface your placement data in one place. Here, you will be able to view your placements and filter through the data by using quick filter tiles. By surfacing this data, we are allowing our users to more effectively manage the placements side of their business by providing new insight in data that was originally only available as an export. The placement Grid is available to all users as we believe this is a feature that everyone needs to manage their business.

NEW - Placement Form:

You are now able to open up a placement and view all of the information in a form. We recognized the need to users to be able to view placement data outside of the activity, and have surfaced this information up for all placements.


Documents Pane

Impact: Optional Actions Available - All Users

NEW - Document Filtering:

We have added a new filter control to the documents pane to allow users to quickly filter through and find the documents that they need. Users can type in the name at the top or select a certain document type to filter the results below.

IMPROVED - Documents View

We have made significant updates to how users view their documents within Crelate. By making these changes, users can more easily see document types, navigate to the document type they are looking for, and view additional metadata for the document. This view also helps support a new documents feature launching later this year.

New Documents View

Old Documents View

NEW - Grid view within documents pane:

We have added a view in the document side pane called ‘grid view.’ This view allows you to view all documents on a specific record in a row and column format that is easily readable and sortable. This is working towards making our views more consistent across the app.


Everything Else

Impact: No Action Required - All Users

IMPROVED - Search and Find:

We have updated search and find to have an option for underlying status meaning on a record. This will help users be able to quickly identify records within their preferred status meaning. Ex. Show me all contacts who are marked as Do Not Use (new status mentioned earlier in this document.)

NEW - URL addressable pages:

We have made updates to our navigation to allow for URL addressable pages! This means that every page you access in Crelate will have a unique URL that users can share internally with their teammates. All you need to do is copy the URL from your browser’s address bar and send!

IMPROVED - Bulk Upload Tool:

When using our upload tool, users now have the ability to split tags by a user defined value such as a comma, semi-colon, or a space. Previously, users only had the ability to split the value based on a semi-colon.

IMPROVED - Undo Imported Data:

With this update users will be able to undo imports for 7 days after they are completed. When doing this, the import itself is not deleted, but the records it creates are.

NEW / IMPROVED - Bulk Edit on Core Records:

We have added additional fields to be able to edit in bulk for Contacts and Opportunities and added functionality to support bulk edit for Companies.

Fields added by core record type:


  • Salary

  • Desired Salary

  • Salary Details

  • Job Types


  • Parent Company

  • Revenue


  • Company

Highlight Video

If you'd like a quick highlight and visual walk through of what is being released, check out our 2 minute video below!


Thanks for reading and we're very excited to launch these features at the end of October 2020!

--- The Crelate Team

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