What is a Contact Record?
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In Crelate, a contact is any person that exists in your database. While that statement may seem obvious, we subscribe to the belief that contacts can be Leads, Clients, Candidates or a collection of multiple (or all 3!).

We want to allow for the fact that a contact you may Place for a role may ultimately become a client contact. Or perhaps you develop a great relationship with one of your clients who later asks about career path options. This process is often one that is fluid. As a result, we allow you to always come back to make alterations to the Contact Type selection.

Let's include some definitions here below:

  • Candidate: This is a contact that you are, or may in the future, consider for job openings. This is any active or potential contact you may have engagement with surrounding an available job.

  • Sales/Client Contact: This is a contact that is employed by a client you are working with. This is used to signify that this contact is employed at an ACTIVE client that you work with.

  • Lead Contact: This is a contact that is employed by a prospective or potential client. The idea here is to qualify those contacts that you're targeting for future business.

What's Next?

With the basics down, let's take a peak at some best practices for managing your contacts.

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