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Having your Browser Save your Crelate Password
Having your Browser Save your Crelate Password
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Please note, this is not a practice Crelate endorses but based on request, we have created an article that will walk through having Google Chrome store your Crelate password.

1. To begin, navigate to the 3 line menu and select Settings followed by Passwords.

2. Ensure your configuration matches the below. Both options will need to be enabled.

3. The next time you sign in to Crelate, you'll then be prompted to have Chrome remember your password. Or if you scroll down below, you'll likely be able to view that saved credential next to the URL:

4. The next time when signing in, after you've entered your login ID, you'll then be able to select into the password field to view or manage your saved passwords. Selecting the saved password will auto-fill the password and allow you to login.

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