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Email Journaling Troubleshooting - Whitelisting
Email Journaling Troubleshooting - Whitelisting
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If you're an office 365 Exchange user, you may need to whitelist within your local Office 365 Admin settings. Additionally, if you are a user of ProofPoint, Barracuda or another 3rd party email security vendor, we Highly Recommend whitelisting via that 3rd party.

To start in Exchange navigate to your Exchange Admin Center

1. Select Mail Flow and then Connectors followed by using the + sign

2. When creating, please use the following.

-Connection From: Office 365

-Connection To: Partner Organization

3. Next, create your name as: Crelate

4. Edit Connector: whitelist the following: *

5. The next setting can be left as: Use the MX Record - This should be the default setting.

6. Enter an active email address to validate.

7. Next, return to Crelate to to copy the text within Settings | Journaling. You'll want to copy the entire string of text ending in

Back in Office 365, paste that text to validate this connector.

8. Once completed, verify via a test email to confirm the changes.

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