August 2020 Feature Release Webinar
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Welcome to Crelate’s August 2020 release. We are very excited to bring add a range of time saving, data consistency and productivity enhancements in this release of Crelate Talent.

This release includes a greatly improved resume parsing option along with our latest time saver – the Crelate Resume Toolbox. The Resume Toolbox save recruiters time by eliminating manual and tedious steps of redacting and adding company letter header to resumes. We’ve also included a number of other enhancements to help with data consistency, and to give you even more control of your data. Finally, we’re making it easier than ever to publish and promote your jobs. We hope you enjoy our August 2020 Release and we look forward even more great stuff this fall.

What's Next?

Check out our content below on our impact guide for all new features within the release!

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