August 2020 Feature Release Notes
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Welcome to Crelate’s August 2020 release. We are very excited to bring add a range of time saving, data consistency and productivity enhancements in this release of Crelate Talent.

This release includes a greatly improved resume parsing option along with our latest time saver – the Crelate Resume Toolbox. The Resume Toolbox save recruiters time by eliminating manual and tedious steps of redacting and adding company letter header to resumes. We’ve also included a number of other enhancements to help with data consistency, and to give you even more control of your data. Finally, we’re making it easier than ever to publish and promote your jobs. We hope you enjoy our August 2020 Release and we look forward even more great stuff this fall.

  • Premium Resume Parser

  • Resume Toolbox:
    Auto redaction
    Document properties cleaner

  • Job publishing wizard

  • More goodies!

NEW: There is an new option to parse resumes using our Premium Resume Parser, in addition to the existing resume parsing option.

The new Crelate Premium Resume Parser, expands upon our existing parser by adding additional capabilities such as improved accuracy, better handling on non-US resumes, complete education and employment history parsing and better taxonomy cleanup. The new parser is available to all Business and higher customers. The full education and employment history will also be available in search results. The standard parser continues to allow unlimited parsing and the premium parsing has generous per user, per month limits.

The Crelate Resume Toolbox is a collection of handy shortcuts that administrators can pre-configure to automate many manual and repetitive steps of cleaning up a resume before you present it externally.

Auto Redaction

NEW: With just a click, automatically remove contact information from any resume! This handy features saves the numerous steps of editing documents and manually removing phone, email and address information before you submit a resume to a client. Contact info can be redacted with XXX, [Confidential] Notification, or simply removed

Document Properties Cleaner

NEW: This feature saves you the confusion, mistakes or embarrassment that hidden document properties on resumes can cause. It’s a common mistake to forget about the hidden Title, Subject, Company, Author and other fields that are attached to Microsoft Word documents. If a resume is created from the resume of another candidate for example, it is possible that the new document will have the wrong Author and wrong candidate name, or company set! This new feature, allows you to easily remove all of these properties and optionally set the Company property to your firm's name.

Branding and Letterhead

NEW: We've added the ability for you to apply light branding to resumes so that you have more control over how you present candidates to your clients. Add a logo, and text to the header of any DOC or DOCX resume with just a click.

NEW: Control settings to the Resume Toolbox at the organization level to ensure consistency.

NEW: Control who has access to the Resume Toolbox via a new privilege in Security Roles.

IMPROVED – We have improved the way jobs are published.

We have taken your feedback and have improved the user experience of job publishing to make the process more clear and streamlined. It is now easier to publish and promote your jobs and to see what promotion you have done for a job.

IMPROVED – We have given you more ways to keep your company name data clean.

  • The “job title” field on the “edit work history” dialog (from the timeline) now supports auto-complete

  • If you have the “company name cleanup” setting enabled, then the lookup control will now apply the cleanup when it is auto-creating a company. (i.e., you type “Crelate Inc.” into the company field on a contact, it will turn that into “Crelate”)

  • If you have the “company name cleanup” setting enabled, then when you do an excel import the “normalize company names” option for the company name field will now be checked by default.

And more goodies...!
Since our July release, we’ve made 52 tweaks and improvements based on customer requests and here are some highlights:

What's Next?

Register for our upcoming release webinar on August 27th in which we highlight all of these new features!

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