Customizing a Lead Form

How to organize data you're inputting as you enter in new leads

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When you begin Creating and Managing Leads through your pipeline, we encourage customers to configure the experience of your lead form much like you would for any job or contact you're creating. When you're creating a lead, what fields do you want to see? What information is important to collect up front or to be made available as you manage that lead through your pipeline?

To begin, navigate to Settings | Core Records | Jobs & Opportunities and Customize the Basic Lead Form.

โ€‹Pro Tip: You may customize the lead form for each opportunity type (more here on What is a Custom Opportunity Type?). That way, if you have different fields that you need available when creating a Temp Lead vs a Direct Hire you may customize your form to match your requirements.

When customizing the form, the Layout will consist of 3 sections: Contact Info, Company Info and Opportunity Info. Each section can ultimately customized based on which fields you'd like available. If you'd like to customize and add new fields to the Company Info section, simply select the Company Info header (see below in green) to then display Available Company Fields. Drag fields in and out to arrange the order and availability of each field.

Then when later creating a lead, you'll have the ability for much of the information to propagate automatically directly from the affiliated contact or company record as you'll see in the example below:

What's Next?

With your custom forms set, begin by creating a lead and managing that through your workflow!

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