Blocked Candidates

How to manage and review your Blocked Candidates

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A blocked contact will remove them from your database while always allowing you to later manage their profile. Blocking a candidate will prevent them from showing up in any search or list within Crelate. Why would I block a candidate? If you ever receive an entry level applicant for a CEO position (maybe 5 times) and don't want to continue to deal with the hassle you may block that contact. That will not only prevent them from showing in your database but also, upon any future application, will automatically move that application for that contact to your Blocked settings.

When a candidate applies, they'll be directed to the Intake section on your home page. For more on managing your intake, navigate here: Managing Intake

From there, you may review and block that candidate.

To later review, you may navigate to Settings | Blocked to delete the contact entire, merge the record with an existing contact or unblock that contact.

Easily export Blocked Contacts, so you can more easily analyze and report on them, or import them into other systems and maintain blocks across your organization.

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