July 2020 Feature Release Notes
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Impact Guide โ€“ July 2020 Release

Our July 2020 release focuses on a new methods for connecting with our support team, a change to the login experience, API improvements, Engineering updates and new Client Portal pricing. We continue to invest to make your overall experience within Crelate faster and more reliable. This work is the direct result of feedback from our customer base. Thank you thankful for your commitment and frank feedback of our product and we look forward to a continued relationship where we help your business grow.

This release will contain updates to:

  • Connecting with our Support Team

  • Login Experience

  • API Improvements

  • Client Portal Pricing

We've made it faster, easier and more organized to communicate with our support team. For years we have had difference methods of communicating with our team via email, chat, widget and a variety of other methods. We've looked to streamline that approach to create a more reliable, automated and easier experience to get and find help. Without leaving Crelate, you'll be able to communicate with our support team as well as have access to our revamped knowledge based article center. We hope this unlocks our customer base with the ability to find self service content faster while still always being able to rely on Crelate's great support.

While minor, we wanted to make users aware of a new login experience. When logging in, instead of entering your email ID and password on the same screen, you'll enter your email ID and select enter (or Next) to enter your password and login. Why the change you may ask? This comes as a result of a soon to be announced BETA SSO (single sign-on) experience. Our partnership with Okta integrates deeply with on premise applications and identity management systems to allow an easy SSO experience.

Old Behavior:

New Behavior:

We've added new API improvements to expose additional job, contact, picklist and custom field data. Our API is something we continue to invest in to allow for expanded performance and integration options!

1. PublicAPI: for jobs, add additional contact properties for ExecutiveSponsor, HiringManager & InternalRecruiter on Jobs

  • Allows read and write operations for additional contacts multipass ExecutiveSponsor, HiringManager & InternalRecruiter Categories.

2. Public API: Expose recently updated contacts for a job-specific

  • Adds an endpoint, /jobs/{jobId}/recent which allows for retrieval of only recently updated workflow items on a job.

  • Enables synchronization scenarios where a customer would like to query for only the most recently updated contacts under a specific job. This endpoint avoids the need to retrieve all contacts for a job, then locally filter for the most recently updated contacts.

3. Public API: expose custom field metadata

  • Allows for the discovery of custom field AttributeName, DisplayName, and Data Type for Companies, Contacts & Jobs.

  • Enables scenarios where integrators would like to dynamically map data values to a custom attribute, allowing the customer to choose the mapping attribute by the human-readable display name.

4. Public API | Add custom picklist custom fields to public API

  • Allows for read & write access to all custom picklist field (20 in total) for Companies, Contacts & Jobs.

After feedback from our customer base, and effective as of August 1st, we have decided to reduce pricing on all existing Client Portal subscriptions as well as any net net signups. For customers with existing Client Portal subscriptions, this will be automatically applied for to your account.

What's Next?

Take a look at our release webinar for more content on this release!

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