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Instructions to connect your Interseller account to Crelate

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Our Interseller integration allows Interseller to automatically sync contacts added to a sequence into Crelate. This integration allows you to sync contacts you’ve sourced using Interseller’s Chrome extension into Crelate. You may automate your email sequences and share email templates with your recruiting team to increase workflow, efficiency, and communication processes. With our integration, you can sync and manage email communication with candidates to track their engagement.

To connect Crelate with Interseller, you'll need to have both an Interseller and Crelate account. In the CRM/ATS tab under Integrations, select Crelate and enter in your Crelate API key to connect it to Interseller.

You can find your Crelate API key in your Personal Settings. You'll need to use your own Crelate login credentials if you want to log the candidates under you on Crelate. Using another teammate's login credentials will log the candidate under them. Disconnecting and reconnecting using different login credentials won't retroactively change who the candidates are logged under once the candidates have synced over to Crelate.

Once you've connected Crelate to Interseller, you can choose between the following sync options:

  1. Off - contacts won't be synced into Crelate

  2. Sync contacts when added to a sequence - contacts will sync over to Crelate

  3. Sync contacts only when they reply back - contacts will only sync over to Crelate when they reply

Enable/disable deduplication for Crelate

You can toggle on the deduplication setting for Crelate to be warned if a contact already exists in Crelate. This will mark the contact with the error "Exists in Integration" if we find that their email already exists in Crelate. If deduplication isn't turned on, then we won't check to see if they exist in Crelate. It's recommended to keep deduplication enabled to reduce having duplicate contacts within your integration.

Disable syncing sequences to Crelate

You can also disable syncing a sequence over to Crelate in the "Sync" tab within the sequence's settings. If you don't want contacts to sync over to Crelate, you'll want to make sure this is enabled first before adding contacts into the sequence.

Note: Crelate has their own email sync so all email activity for contacts will sync over automatically once Crelate is connected. Any email activity for contacts added to Interseller before Crelate was connected won't sync over and cannot be backfilled.

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