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Move Candidates through your Recruiting Workflow
Move Candidates through your Recruiting Workflow

How to manage candidates within a job

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Once you have added jobs to your database, you'll then have the ability to manage your pipeline and move candidates through your recruiting workflow stages. The job dashboard will paint a holistic picture of each applicant in your workflow.

We'll talk about 3 main sections within a job dashboard and how you can engage with each.

  1. Visual Customization and Filters

  2. Quick Filter Tiles

  3. Candidate Tiles

Visual Customization and Filters

We'll start from left to right.

  1. Filter - Filtering will allow you to narrow the scope of your view. This can narrow the candidate tiles below to just that you're working on, those that you've had a recent engagement with or create your own custom filter.

  2. View - You may create your own custom unique view and access alternate views by using this drop down.

  3. Sunglasses - Create your own unique Custom Visualization. Color coordinate the candidate tiles based on when you've last spoken to them or when you plan to engage with them next.

  4. Cogwheel - Manage your view in a more advanced fashion by creating Custom Job Dashboard Views.

  5. Printer - Print an image of the job dashboard

  6. Export Arrow - Export the view out to a csv

Quick Filter Tiles

Your Quick Filter Tiles will default to show activity based filter. For example, on my job, just show me the 8 candidates I've had a phone screen with. However, their use expands beyond that to narrow your view by owner, tags, custom fields and many other options to create the perfectly curated view that you need to focus on and spend your time and attention.

Candidate Tiles

Your candidate tiles will display grouped within your recruiting stages. You may drag and drop candidates throughout the recruiting workflow.

โ€‹Pro Tip: If you have a long list of stages that don't fit on one screen, you'll actually see them all display at the very bottom of your screen (see screen shot below on the bottom). Simply hover the candidate tile over one of these stages to illuminate them blue and drop the candidate to move them to that stage.

What's Next?

Is it time to begin configuring your recruiting stages? Need some guidance on what other customers have done? Check out the links below!

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