Email journaling will automatically track and log emails back and forth from your email client onto your contact records in Crelate. As long as an email is listed in Crelate you can send emails from your email provider and have that log in Crelate.

**Please Note** If you do not want specific emails to be sent to Crelate for processing and consideration, please use G Suite's Routing Rule Options to filter messages that are sent to our servers. G Suite supports advanced Regular Expression (Regexp) settings to apply advanced filters if needed.

**Please Note** For assistance in the setup of email journaling beyond the instructions listed below, please connect with your provider directly. Crelate does not directly assist in the setup of email journaling and relies on the experts at each given vendor.

To enable email journaling, via G Suite, please view the instructions below:

Note: To enable email journaling, you must be both an admin within G Suite as well as in Crelate

1. To start, navigate to your Admin center and select Gmail

2. Select Routing

3. For this step, scroll down to find Routing. Please then Add Another (or Add Rule if there are no existing rules present).

4. Whether adding another or editing, the steps will be the same. First add the name and next select Inbound and Outbound

5. Return to Crelate as you'll need to copy and paste text back to your G Suite account. Cope the full address listed in the G Suite by Google Cloud.

6. Return to G Suite and scroll down on the previous dialogue to Add More Recipients.

Then paste in the copied text.

7. Last Step! Don't forget to save all changes when complete.

What's Next?

Not a G Suite user? Head to the link below to learn more about setup and options for Office 365.

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