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Email Journaling - Office 365 Set Up
Email Journaling - Office 365 Set Up

How to set up your automated email journaling through Office 365

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Email journaling will automatically track and log emails back and forth from your email client onto your contact records in Crelate. As long as an email is listed in Crelate you can send emails from your email provider and have that log in Crelate.

**Please Note** If you do not want specific emails to be sent to Crelate for processing and consideration, please use Office 365's Journal Options to filter messages that are sent to our servers. Office 365 supports filtering emails that are journaled. See Journaling in Exchange Online to learn more.

**Please Note** For assistance in the setup of email journaling beyond the instructions listed below, please connect with your provider directly. Crelate does not directly assist in the setup of email journaling and relies on the experts at each given vendor. While Crelate looks to offer supporting documentation, please note that the UI of each vendor changes frequently and you should always consult Office 365 for their latest documentation and instructions.

To get started, please navigate to Settings | Journaling and add your domain (For example, if your email address is, you will add as the domain).

If there are any email addresses that you wish to never journal emails for, you can add them to the Email Exclusions list.

This gives Crelate Administrators the ability to exclude all emails associated with a specific email address, blocking them from getting journaled. It is important to note that Crelate will still receive the message, so as a best practice, we recommend you configure the rules directly from your email server so that the email is filtered out and never passed over to Crelate. You can add/delete email addresses by using the “+” and “-“ buttons on the top corner. Once you are done, be sure to click “Save” on the top.

IMPORTANT: The best and preferred way to prevent emails from being journaled in Crelate is to configure your email server to never send them to our servers for processing. This can be done via rules in Exchange, Office 365 or Gmail. If that option is not available, for convenience, we’ve added the ability to filter them on the Crelate Servers.

Next, to enable email journaling via Office 365, please view the instructions below:

Note: To enable email journaling, you must be both an admin within Office 365 as well as in Crelate

1. To start, navigate HERE to create a new Contact

2. Next, fill out the details for the new Contact. The First Name, Last Name, and Display Name can all be named to your desire. For the Email, you will need to use an External Email, or you can use ours ( This contact will be used to receive Underliverable Reports if needed.

3. Now that the contact is created, please navigate to the Journaling Rules Setup HERE. Navigate to Data Lifecycle Management | Exchange (Legacy) | Journal Rules to add a New Rule.

4. In your account, you'll notice text ending in Highlight and copy that text. This text is unique to your account.

5. Once copied, return to paste in the Send Journal Reports To section as you'll see in the first line below. Under the Journal messages sent or received from section, you'll want to select an individual user. Lastly, select External Messages Only under the Type of message to journal section. Please select Next at the bottom when finished.

Please note: Each user will need to be added individually if you'd like to have their email messages journal. You will need to repeat this step for each user you wish to set up journaling rules for.

Once the above step is completed for yourself and/or your team, you're all set!

What's Next?

Not an Office 365 User? Head to the link here to learn more about setup and options for G Suite.

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