In your Crelate Billing Portal you'll have the ability to update your credit card information, download Invoices and Statements, as well as obtain our W-9 for your records.

To begin, navigate to Settings | Manage Licenses. From that screen you may review your active licenses and subscriptions. You may additionally purchase subscription related items below and access your Billing Portal by selecting Open Billing Portal.

From here, you will be able to update your billing Contact, Address, and Payment information along with viewing your Subscriptions and Invoices.

Updating Contacts/Address Information

Once in the Billing Portal, you'll be able to review and update Contact as well as Address information via the Account Information and Billing & Shipping Addresses tab.


Subscriptions will offer the ability to view active subscriptions. Within the Subscriptions Summary tab you may review all active subscriptions, life cycle, and the direct quantity and total price of your licenses.

Payment Method

Selecting the Payment Methods tab will display any credit card information on file. This will allow you to add an additional payment method or remove/edit and existing payment method.

Billing History

Navigating to Billing History will allow you to view all previous invoices.

You may also download a PDF of an invoice.

You will see a more detailed breakdown of the invoice via the download, including the status, breakdown of charges, and date of payment.

What's Next?

Learn more on how to download your W9 form below!

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