Find and Manage your API Key
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Where Is My API Key?

Your API Key can be found in your Settings Tab under "My Settings & Preferences". You will have to enable your API Key. Once Your API is enabled, you will be presented with your API Key.

If you ever need to regenerate a new API Key, you can do so by clicking "Regenerate New Key". However, please note: Any Change in API KEY (for instance generating a new key or turning API Access off) will result in any exsisting links with the old API key to fail.

Managing API

If you would like to manage your API, you can do so by going into your settings and clicking API Management under (Advanced Settings). You will presented with a screen that will allow you to manage users who have turned on API Access. If you click on a user who has enabled their API, administrators will have the option of turning off API Access for that user. Administrators can do this by clicking "Clear API Key". Clearing the API key will cause any references to that API Key to fail and will turn off that users API access to that specific API key. If that user would like API access again, they will have to regenerate another API key.

To start, select your navigation menu and select "Your Profile & Preferences"

Next, navigate to API Access


Clicking on a user also allows you to view the webhooks that are subscribed to that user.

A users Webhook displays any "webhook subscribed to the user.

  • URL: where Crelate is sending information to.

  • Entity: Entity for which the webhook is triggered on

  • Operation Type: the type of operation for which the webhook is triggered on

  • Status: the status of the webhook. - Webhooks that are off do not send any information out on trigger.

Where Is The API Documentation?

There are two ways to view your API Documentation - both ways are in your settings.


You may also access our help section here: Crelate API Developer Guide for our full guide.

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