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API Key Management and Documentation
Written by Aaron Elder
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For developer API documentation please visit our documentation page.

Turning API Access on for your Org

Note: API Access is always available for admins, but must be enabled for non-admins.

API access is turned off by default, to enable API for your organization as an admin, visit the User Roles tab. Under the Misc section, click on the API Access switch to be set to Allowed. This allows non-admins to request and use API keys.

Getting an API Key

Once API Access is enabled for your organization, an API key can be requested from the Your Settings & Preferences tab in your Settings. In the API Key section, when you toggle the switch on, an API key is automatically generated. To get a new key, click Regenerate New Key, please note that generating a new key will cause any references using your old key to be void.

To start, select your navigation menu and select "Your Profile & Preferences"

Next, navigate to your API Access section.

Managing API Access

Admins can keep track of users who have active API keys from the API Management tab in Security. This tab shows all users who have an active API key and any Zapier triggers registered to them. From here, admins can turn off an API key for any user by clicking Clear API Key. If the user has any Zapier triggers registered to their key, it will show up in the User's Webhooks section with details pertaining the trigger. To pause or play the trigger, select and highlight a trigger before pressing configure.

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