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Resume Library - External Resume Search
Resume Library - External Resume Search
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Crelate's Resume Library integration allows you to source candidates directly from Resume Library's database. For more information on Resume Library, please take a look at this website linked here.

**Please note that any Resume Library credits that were purchased previously before our integration change via Crelate have been transferred over to your new account and additional credits may be purchased directly from Resume Library**

To enable Crelate's External Resume Search for Resume Library, you'll want to navigate to Settings | External Resume Search as an account administrator.

Next, you'll be prompted to turn the feature on.

Next, you will need to navigate to Menu | Manage Your Profile & Preferences | Integrations to link your Resume Library account.

In your settings, you may also navigate to User Roles to determine who has access to unlock these resumes.

You may then search organically through Crelate using Boolean logic: Basics of Search

Once, in search, you'll notice an Resume Library option which will display those resumes sourced from your external search. You'll also notice salary, radius, and "resume last updated" filters over to the right hand side of your screen.

To unlock a resume, double click that individual's profile. Next, you'll be prompted to preview that document. You'll notice your 'Credits Remaining' in the lower left. This will let you know how many resume unlocks you have remaining on your current plan. In the lower right of your screen, you may then 'unlock' that resume.

After selecting unlock, you'll be prompted to confirm.

You will then be brought to that contact's record and may interact with that profile as you would any other Crelate contact.

What's Next?

Need more information on the basics of search or other sourcing integrations? Check out our content below!

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