Viewing Flagged Emails
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Flagged emails are a result of contacts unsubscribing from a bulk email, potential spam addresses, and emails that bounce from their server.

In Crelate, navigating to Settings | Flagged Emails will allow you to view all emails that have been flagged so you may manage each recipient in addition to being able to add contacts.

Selecting the minus sign will allow you to remove contacts from this list while selecting the + sign will allow you to manage and add additional contacts to the list. (Use Case: A contact has asked to no longer be contacted but never actually unsubscribed. I may unsubscribe them manually in my database to ensure they're not included in future campaigns.) Even if the contact is accidentally included in a future email campaign, they will not be sent the email message.

After selecting the plus sign, simply choose your email address and flag type to select your reason.

You also have the ability to track and find all emails that have been flagged by going to: Contacts | Recent Contact Drop Down | Flagged Emails (scroll to the bottom to find).

Each type will be indicated by 3 icons:

Please note, these contacts may still be emailed individually but will NOT be included in future bulk or campaign emails.

Easily export Flagged (Unsubscribe, Complaints, etc.) email addresses so that you can easily import them into other systems and stay compliant with email regulations. In addition, we now include the type of email next to each flagged email address.

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