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IP Filtering allows administrators to have control over where users are able to access Crelate, based on their IP address. This is useful for businesses that require users only to have access to corporate systems when at a physical office, for example. This will also disable users' access to the Mobile Client, and other ways of accessing Crelate, such as the API. The ability to restrict non-administrative access to Crelate via an IP address is a Business Plus and Enterprise feature in Crelate. The admin on the account WILL NOT be restricted via an IP filter.

To enable this feature, select: Settings | Advanced Security

To add an IP address, select the green + sign. Adding this will restrict standard user use to only the IP addresses listed. When configuring IP Address, we do support the following formats when defining your IP Rules:

  • Exact Address:

  • Wildcard: 192.168.1.*

  • Subnet Mask:

(Information on Subnet Mask)

If a user attempts to log into Crelate via a machine that is not on a white-listed IP Address, that user will be informed that their IP Address isn't allowed and to contact their system administrator.

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