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Review real customer examples to spark some ideas when setting up your Recruiting and Sales Workflow Stages

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In Crelate, you can customize your Recruiting and Sales workflows. In helps to remember that this is intended to be a “high level snapshot” of where opportunities and candidates are in their respective processes. Within any particular stage, multiple events or activities may occur, and those can be customized in Crelate as well. Knowing that, it has always helped my users to not get overly granular when thinking about the workflows. I always ask myself – “If I need a report of where my candidates are, what are the major categories I believe they would fall into on a job search”.

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Recruiting Workflow

A typical recruiting workflow we see would be something like:

New Candidates (Variants: Sourced, Potential Candidates) New Candidates added from anywhere will funnel in to this stage

Reached Out (Variants are typically granular communication methods like “Call” or “Linkedin Inmail”, but I think these serve better as Activities)

Interested Candidates

Screening (Variants: Phone Screen, Recruiter Interview)
Submitted to Client

Interviewing with Client


Positive Outcome:

Placed (Variants: Hired)

Negative Outcomes:

Not a Fit (Variants: Pass)

Rejected by Client

Candidate Not Interested

Sales Workflow

The Sales Workflow is similar, but can communicate with the Jobs in Crelate. Opportunities in Crelate are most often going to turn into Jobs, and can be tracked through their preliminary sales stages, before moving into stages that will be active jobs that recruiters are working on, then finally on to outcome stages. So, a typical Sales Workflow might look something like:

Leads (A sales only stage, where you will be putting the opportunities)

Reached Out


In Progress Stages: These Stages are typically associated with Open Opportunities the Recruiters are working on, and the workflow can be setup to automatically convert opportunities in the sales stages, into open Jobs for the recruiters

In Progress (Variants: Open, Currently Working)

Offer Out (Variants: Closing)

Positive Outcome:

Placed (Variants: Won)

Negative Outcomes:

Could Not Contact

Lost to Competitor

Client Discontinued

What's Next?

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