March 2020 Feature Release Impact Guide
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Crelate Talent Upgrade Impact Guide

About this Guide

This guide is designed to help Crelate Talent subscribers understand the potential user impact of a release of Crelate. The guide is a shortened version of our What’s New documentation and provides additional insights that Crelate System Administrators should be aware of.

About Crelate Upgrades

All upgrades to Crelate are automatic, benefit all users and typically require no user action. We know change can be disruptive and we work hard to ensure System Administrators have the flexibility to control when new features are available to their users. To minimize potential business impact, new features of Crelate are often off by default for existing customers and other features may be turned off if a customer chooses to do so. Occasionally, we make changes the behavior or look and feel of a feature. System administrators should review this guide to understand their options, any potential impacts to their users, and any actions they may have to take to either take advantage of new functionality, or hide new functionality depending on their organization’s needs.


NEW – This is a new feature or functionality. It may need to be enabled and configured.

IMPROVED – This is a change to an existing feature.

CHANGED – This is an existing feature or behavior that has changed and users need to be aware.

Changes in the March 2020 Release

When you first login to Crelate after the March release, you will not see any differences unless you are on the “Professional” level of the Text Messaging plan or on the RingCentral plan, in which case you will see a new menu option of “Send bulk text” in cases where multiple contacts are selected. Otherwise, your administrator will need to change some settings for you to be able to see the other optional features. The most significant of these features is the Client Portal. Once this feature is enabled, there are many additional configurations that may be done. Refer to our support articles about the Client Portal.

  • Client Portal

  • Enhanced Text Messaging

  • External Resume Search

  • Placement Data Export

NEW - Client Portal


Impact: Optional actions required

Customers on a Business level license and higher will have automatically have access to the L0 Plan of Client Portal, which will be included within their subscription, however an administrator must enable the feature for their organization before users will see any changes. They may also upgrade to L1 or L2 Plans of Client Portal to take advantage of additional features.

  1. To enable Client Portal, go to Settings >> Advanced>> Client Portal.

  2. To upgrade to Client Portal Plans L1 or L2, contact Support.

IMPROVED - Text Messaging Enhancements

Impact: None - Informational Only


We’ve renamed our Text Messaging Plans to align with our other add-on capabilities. (“Standard” is now “L1” and “Professional” is now “L2”), We also added an additional level of L3 which provides higher limits on text message quantities at a greater value. Finally, we’ve added basic Bulk Texting abilities to L2 and L3 plans.

NEW - For customers enrolled in L2, L3 or RingCentral Connector plans, they will see a new option to send bulk text messages from the Home page, from the Search results page and from the Contacts page.

The Job Dashboard:


The Search results page:


The Contacts page:


Users must also confirm that they have permission from recipients to send text messages to them.


NEW - External Resume Search – Dice and CareerBuilder

Impact: Optional actions required


We’ve added external resume search options with both Dice and CareerBuilder for Business level customers or higher. If an administrator has enabled Dice and/or CareerBuilder for their organization and if the user has entered their credentials for either/both, then the user will see a new tab or tabs within Search results, in addition to the Resume-Library tab.

  1. Administrators can enable (set to “ON”) each Dice and CareerBuilder separately in Settings>> Subscription>> External Resume Search.


For Dice, you will need to enter your organization’s credentials into Crelate to make the connection between Crelate and Dice.


Final successful configuration of Dice and CareerBuilder for the organization (not user).

  1. After the administrator enables Dice or CareerBuilder in the organization settings, users will need enable their individual connections with each job board in Personal Settings>> Integrations.


NEW - Placement Export Data– Customers who are on Business or higher may download a comprehensive export (500+ fields!) of their organization’s placement data.

Impact: Optional action required


If you wish to download your organization’s placement data, go to Settings>> Advanced>> Data Export.

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